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Parking at the Port Taranaki Recreational Area

Pay and display parking is available at the Port Taranaki-owned Lee Breakwater car park at the eastern end of Ocean View Parade.


It includes 38 dedicated car parks including three accessibility parks, 76 dedicated trailer parks and 38 shared car/trailer parks (total 152). 


An additional number of car parks are available adjacent to the Bach on Breakwater dedicated for Bach customers only.


There are a further 240 free car parks in the port recreational area

Additional car parking is made available on the eastern reclamation area at times of high demand.  

Free Car Parking at Port Taranaki


Lee Breakwater Pay and Display Parking

Pay and display parking at the Lee Breakwater applies 365 days per year from 5.00 am-5.00 pm daily.


It includes all vehicle users, including private and business cars, recreational and commercial boat-users and motor bikes, both regular and casual.


Parking charges are $1 per hour to a maximum of $10 per day.


Pay and display parking tickets can be obtained from each of the three pay and display machines located on the Lee Breakwater.  Payment can be made in cash or by credit card. 


Annual parking permits are available for recreational and commercial boat trailers. 



Monitoring and enforcement of Pay and Display Parking


Vehicles using the Lee Breakwater car park are monitored regularly for pay and display tickets and breach notices are issued for the following:

  • Not displaying a valid pay and display ticket or trailer permit
  • Not parking in the correct parking zone
  • Non-compliance with road markings and signage

Fees payable for parking breaches are

  • $12 for use of an expired pay and display ticket.
  • $40 for not displaying a pay and display ticket, not parking in the correct parking zone or non-compliance with road marking and signage.

Further action will be taken if the breach notice fee remains unpaid after 28 days of the date the breach notice is issued.

Payment of Breach Notice Fees

Breach notice fees can be paid by

  • Internet banking to Port Taranaki Limited’s Bank Account 12-3244-0003770-00 quoting the breach notice number, vehicle registration number and date of the breach notice.
  • Cheque payable to Port Taranaki Limited, PO Box 348, New Plymouth 4340 with breach notice number, vehicle registration number and date of the breach Notice.


Disputing Breach Notices

The cancellation of a breach notice will only be considered

Boat Trailer Permits

Annual permits can be purchased for parking boat trailers, both recreational and commercial.  They cover the period 1 October-30 September and are available as follows:

  • Recreational boat trailer permit - $100 per year
  • Commercial boat trailer for fishermen and charter vessels - $200 per year.

Trailer permits can be purchased from

  • Online by filling in this form and emailing it to
  • Port Taranaki Centre, 2-8 Bayly Road, New Plymouth between 10.30am–3.00pm Monday–Friday.  Please ensure you bring your trailer registration number.
  • Through the New Plymouth Yacht Club and the New Plymouth Sportfishing and Underwater Club.

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