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Port Taranaki Operational Area

Port Taranaki's operational area is comprehensive. It includes a rail siding with rail linkages to wharf sides, weatherproof storage and unloading facilities, and laydown sites.


The port is directly linked to rail yards on the eastern outskirts of New Plymouth, and rail services to the north and south connect the Taranaki region to other centres.


Road transport facilities at the port include substantial parking and vehicle turnaround areas, and weighbridges. Taranaki is accessed via two highways.


Other Facilities

On the eastern side of Port Taranaki's harbour is a 6.5 hectare reclamation which if required, could be extended further into the harbour. TCF Limited (boat storage) and Tasman Marine (retail and marine services) currently lease areas of this flat land. Opportunities for further uses are available.


Another special feature of Port Taranaki is its "heavy lift" expertise. Taranaki has a sophisticated engineering infrastructure, which evolved primarily as a result of development of the region's oil and gas industries. As the petrochemical industries grew many oversized and heavy cargoes were imported and exported through Port Taranaki. Specialist know-how and facilities are available through Port Taranaki for the handling of extra heavy lifts.


There is a computer-based twin platform weighbridge on site and a variety of hoppers for the loading onto trucks and rail wagons of imported goods such as fertilizers and grains.

  • Twin platform weighbridge
  • Land for additional storage space
  • Weatherproof storage and unloading facilities
  • Cement Storage
  • Molasses Storage
  • Bitumen Processing Plant
  • LPG Storage Site
  • Washdown Facility

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About Port Taranaki

Port Taranaki is centrally located on the west coast of the North Island and is one of New Zealand 's key import and export ports.

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