Port Taranaki

General Enquiries

Operates from 8:30am - 5pm on weekdays (excluding public holidays)

+64 6 751 0200

Comms and Security

24 hour contact

+64 6 759 9740

Erana Hoskin

Communication and Security Supervisor

Hannah Haskell

Operations Planner

Justin Hawkridge

Customer Relationship Manager

Mark Stewart

Works Coordinator

Stuart Watson

Logistics Key Account Manager

Aidan Heather

Maintenance Manager

Bridget Harrison

Port Engineer

Justine Lehmann

HSEQ Advisor

Amit Chitnis

Bulk Liquids Manager

Ben Martin

Marine Manager

Ludo Galliegue

Engineering Manager

Kim Daine

Wharf Services Manager

Tim McHugh

H&S Programme Lead


Ándy Matuku

Operations Manager - SSA New Zealand Limited


Simon Dunn

Area Manager - ISO Limited


Paul Campbell

Operations Manager - ISO Limited


Log Marshalling

Paul Campbell

Operations Manager - ISO Limited