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Security at Port Taranaki

For access to the port, Port Taranaki and all those entering the must  comply with the Maritime Security Act 2004 as a Port Security Area and the Customs and Excise Act 2018 as a Customs Controlled Area.


Maritime New Zealand is the designated authority responsible for the administration of the Maritime Security Act 2004. The Maritime Security Act 2004 enables New Zealand to meet its legal obligations under the International Ship and Port Facility Code (ISPS) and allows us to operate as an International Port.


The Security fence and gates bounding the Port Operational area, is the Port Security and Customs Controlled area.


Port Security administers the Maritime Security Act 2004, as part of the Port Facility Security Plan which is approved by Maritime New Zealand.


Port Taranaki is required to comply with the Maritime Security Act, which came into effect from 1 July 2004.


Maritime New Zealand is the designated authority responsible for the administration of the Maritime Security Act 2004 in New Zealand. The Maritime Security Act 2004 enables New Zealand to meet its obligations under the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.


For more information on the act visit the Maritime website here



Port Taranaki Minimum Standards

  1. I will have a current induction if working or be accompanied at all times by a person with a current induction if I’m a visitor.
  2. I will carry my access card and an approved photo ID with me
  3. I will ensure no persons under 16 or pets enter the site
  4. I will wear hi vis clothing on my upper body and safety footwear from gate entry
  5. Where there is no Port specific rule I will follow NZ road rules while driving
  6. I will drive at or below 20kph with my lights on
  7. I will minimise walking and not cycle on site
  8. I will not smoke, vape or use e-cigarettes on site
  9. I will be drug and alcohol free and not impaired by prescription drugs
  10. I will wear a well maintained personal floatation device within 1m of the water’s edge

Visiting the Port Taranaki Centre

The Port Taranaki Centre overlooks Ngamotu Beach at 2-8 Bayly Road. 

We operate an unmanned reception, follow the prompts on the visitor managment system kiosk to sign in which will alert the appropriote employee of your arrival and print you a visitor pass.


Visiting the Port Taranaki Restricted Operations Area

In keeping with the Maritime Security Act 2004, there is no public access to the Port Taranaki Restricted Operations area, please familiarise yourself with our

Welcome Guide

Log Yard traffic flow maps

Minimum Standards

The following are the requirements for the entry of visitors on port business into the Port's Restricted Area (Area bounded by Main Gate, Rail Gate and Blyde Gate East)


Advise Security of the Visit

An authorised person must supply the Gate House with names and expected arrival times of visitors, who are on official business in the port. Please include the following information:

Information may be sent by email to [email protected].
Alternately telephone +64 6 759 9783 (short dial 783 from a Port Taranaki phone) with the information.

  • Name of visitor
  • Company name
  • Purpose and duration of visit
  • Extent of access required

Advance notice will help minimise delays. Visitors arriving without any prior notice could be subject to delays.


Identify Yourself

Visitors must present an acceptable form of photo ID such as:

  • A valid passport,
  • A Port Taranaki ID card,
  • A Driver's Licence issued by the LTSA,
  • An ID card issued by the NZ Government,
  • A Seafarer's ID card from a contracting government or flag state,
  • An ID from a recognised company, union or organisation,
  • A military ID card,
  • A credit card with a photo ID,
  • Other forms as authorised by the Chief Executive of Maritime New Zealand

Cards must show the visitor's photograph, visitor's name, the names of the issuing authority and be tamper-proof.

Visitors must display the visitor card at all times.


Be Prepared for an Inspection

As a condition of entry, visitors' vehicles or packages MAY be inspected.

Refusal of inspection my result in entry being denied.


Go Through the Main Gate

Visitor entry is ONLY permitted through the Main Gate on Breakwater Road after receiving a visitor card at the Gate House. Visitors are NOT PERMITTED through Blyde Gate East.

Return the Card

Loss or non-return of a visitor access card is subject to a replacement fee of $70.


Right Of Access Reserved

Under the Maritime Security Act 2004 and the Port Taranaki Security Plan, Port Taranaki reserves the right to deny access to visitors.


Vehicle Access

  • Passengers - It is not permitted to carry passengers in trucks while on Port Taranaki property. The only permissible exception to this would be when a trainee driver is accompanied by their trainer/supervisor. Where this is the case, Port Taranaki would expect to sight appropriate documentation supporting the training arrangements.
  • Tail-Gating - At no time should any vehicle follow another through an open gate without using the driver's own access card. Failure to comply will attract serious repercussions, which could include losing future access to Port Taranaki.
  • Always Use Your Access Card - To maintain the integrity of the security system drivers must use their own access cards as and when required. Any person found to be using a card belonging to another person stands to lose all future access to Port Taranaki. Every person in a vehicle must swipe/badge their access card when exiting or entering through any gate that has a card reader. If they do not have an access card they must be processed at the Gate House.
  • 20km per hour Speed Limit - The speed limit for all vehicles within the port operational area is 20 kilometres per hour.
  • Where there is no Port specific rule I will follow NZ road rules while driving

Contact Us

  •   Port Taranaki Limited
        Port Taranaki Centre
        2-8 Bayly Road
        PO Box 348
        New Plymouth 4340
        New Zealand
  •   +64 6 7510200
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Port Taranaki is centrally located on the west coast of the North Island and is one of New Zealand 's key import and export ports.

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