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The following information is required from the vessel to Port Taranaki Security at least 24 hours prior to arrival via the ship's agent.


Note: Bullet points 1 to 3 below are covered in the NZ Customs 'advance notice of arrival' form under the section on 'Maritime Security'.

  1. Vessels International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC) number
  2. The current security level of the vessel
  3. A current crew list
  4. Notification of crew changes expected at Port Taranaki
  5. Expected visitors/contractors
  6. Stores/Spares expected to be loaded to the vessel
  7. Any special security requirement


Declaration of Security (DoS)

A DoS shall be required ONLY under the following conditions:

  • When a ship calls at the Newton King Tanker Terminal
  • When Maritime NZ, the PFSO or ship deem it is required.
  • When the Administration for a ship entitled to fly its flag requests it
  • When either the ship or the port is at any security level other than one
  • When there is a particular security concern at the ship/shore interface, such as embarking and disembarking of passengers or handling of dangerous goods that pose a new security threat
  • When the port feels there is a security threat from any of the ports visited by the ship in the past.

Should an approaching vessel indicate a higher security level than the port, the PFSO will liaise with the SSO/ Master to discuss the specific security arrangements prior to the vessel's entry in the port. Maritime NZ shall be advised of these arrangements.


At security level one, ships that regularly call at Port Taranaki may function with a continuing DoS for multiple visits, provided that the declaration is for a specific security level. A subsequent change in the Security Level shall require a revised DoS to be completed.


Crew Shuttle Service

A crew shuttle service is available to transport crew safely through the port between the ship and port gates.  For more information about the shuttle service or to organise a shuttle, please refer to our Crew Shuttle Handout.


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