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Conditions of issue and use for access cards


  1. Applicants must have completed a Port Taranaki site induction course within the previous two  years.
  2. Cards may only be used in the course of the holder’s approved duties. They do not constitute  an authority to enter or remain in the port area for any other purpose.
  3. Cards must be presented for inspection on demand, along with photo ID.
  4. Cards are NOT transferable and are only for use by the person to whom they are issued.
  5. As a condition of entry to the port area, cardholder’s vehicles and packages may be subject to  inspection before entering, while within or when leaving.
  6. Cards remain the property of Port Taranaki Ltd.
  7. Cards must be returned on expiry, transfer or termination of present duty, or on the request of a  Port Taranaki Security Officer.
  8. The applicant must comply with the requirements of the Maritime Security Act 2004 and Port  Taranaki’s Standard Conditions of Business.
  9. Immediately report loss of cards to Port Taranaki Security.
  10. Please note that by entering site you agree to participate in random drug and alcohol testing run by Port Taranaki. Failure to participate, or producing a negative sample will result in exclusion from site.


  1. By applying for a Permanent Access Card i consent to  Port Taranaki’s Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) to inquire and collect from the Department of Courts, NZ Customs and Ministry of Agriculture details of all criminal history or other such security related information relating to me as held by one or more of those  departments.
  2. Under the Privacy Act 1993, personal information collected by Port Taranaki is for security  purposes and will be held securely by Port Taranaki’s PFSO.  The person to whom the  information relates has the right to have access to this information and may request its correction  as set out in the Act.


Access Card Application Form

An application for an access card can be made here


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