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Port Taranaki has developed, in conjunction with transport company Hooker Pacific, a joint on-wharf cargo handling operation, WestPack. WestPack provides professional container packing /unpacking and cargo handling with services that can be tailored to suit customer needs. No matter the cargo, WestPack can handle it. Located right in Blyde Terminal the new operation takes away the need to deliver containers to another site, pack or unpack them, then return the container to the port, thus offering time and money savings. And if required, cargo can be moved to and from your premises. WestPack aims to be a key in your supply chain by operating large, secure on-port warehousing facilities, both open and covered.



Regional exporters and importers will now have the ability to streamline operations by utilising an on-wharf operation that has both NZ Customs and MAF accreditation.

Fact File

  • Weekly container services.
  • Comprehensive worldwide container coverage.
  • Specialist experience in heavy lift and project cargoes.
  • Offshore logistics support services.
  • Overnight logistic distribution to major North Island centres.



By packing on the wharf containers can now be filled to their maximum weight capacity and not their maximum road weight limit. Cargo can be consolidated, wrapped and secured in preparation for shipping. Reduce expensive container storage and detention charges by having containers devanned and take delivery of your cargo in a manner that suits you. WestPack can even help to arrange your shipment and take care of all documentation, insurance and Customs requirements (using a variety of of specialist service providers that have experience in the movement of all types of cargoes, from hazardous materials and timberpacks to oilwell equipment).


  • Transitional facility licensed
  • Receiving cargo for unitising or packing
  • Dry goods and cold storage warehousing directly adjacent to container wharves
  • Excellent road and rail access
  • Container packing or devanning for all types of import/export products
  • Computerised inventory management systems
  • Dedicated and experienced warehouse personnel offering a 24 hour service
  • Latest equipment for product care
  • Warehousing to food grade standards available
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Steam cleaning
  • Fumigation


Oil and Gas

The companies behind WestPack have a long involvement in both onshore and offshore drilling, and extensive experience in all facets of cargo care related to the Oil & Gas exploration industry. WestPack can supply onshore logistics to cater for a customer's total needs, including provision of storage, managed warehousing, computerized stock inventories, logistics services, labour and equipment supply. Covered and open storage operations can be provided, and an extensive storage and lay-down area is also available on the 5 hectare reclamation situated on the eastern side of Port Taranaki's harbour.



Runciman - Operations Manager

On-wharf storage and cargo handling with both NZ Customs and MAF accreditation. Managed warehousing, computerized stock inventories, logistics services, labour and equipment supply. Covered and open storage operations can be provided.

Blyde Terminal - Port Taranaki

Phone: +64 6 759 0200 ext 819 Phone: 0800-YOURPORT Direct Dial: +64 6 759 9741 Fax: +64 6 759 9738 Mobile: +64 27 471 4223 Email: westpack@porttaranaki.co.nz

Paul Campbell - Customer Services

Phone: +64 274 953 271 Email: pcampbell@porttaranaki.co.nz

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